Under the Code civil of Québec, every death that takes place in Québec must be declared to the Directeur de l'état civil.

In general, the funeral service business that takes charge of the body of the deceased declares the death to the Directeur de l'état civil by submitting the Declaration of Death form. The declaration is to be completed jointly by the declarant of the death and the funeral director.

The information provided in the forms Attestation of Death and Declaration of Death will enable us to record the death in the Québec register of civil status.


It should be noted that in order for a civil status document to be issued in relation to a birth, marriage, civil union or death, that event must first be entered in the Québec register of civil status. Only after registration is it possible to process an application for a certificate, a copy of an act or attestation concerning the event. For more information, consult the section Entering of events in the register of civil status.

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Reviewed: 2024-06-19

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