Late Declaration

If the Declaration of Birth is not provided within a 30-day period, it is still possible for you to file a late Declaration. In this case, we will proceed with a brief inquiry and, if applicable, will draw up the Act of Civil Status based on the information obtained.

A Declaration of Birth transmitted after that deadline entails payment of the applicable fees. For information on the fees for the late registration of a birth, see Fees and processing time.

Moreover, if a late Declaration is filed regarding a child for whom a Declaration had already been filed and it does not contradict the initial Declaration, the amendment to the Act of Civil Status is conditional, in particular, on

  • the consent of the parent who filed the first Declaration;
  • the consent of the child if he or she is at least 14 years of age;
  • the absence of an established filiation with another person;
  • the objection by a third party.

In both cases, fees are applicable for the analysis of a late Declaration.


At any time, the Directeur de l’état civil may refuse such an application and direct the applicant to the court if he considers that the situation requires it.

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Reviewed: 2020-12-08

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