DEClic! Comptoir

Application for a certificate or copy of an act at a service counter using DEClic! Comptoir

To use the service

You must go at our service counter in Québec or Montréal or to a Services Québec office that provides Directeur de l'état civil services.

When to use the service?

The service is used to apply for a certificate or copy of an act of birth, marriage, civil union or death by means of a computer workstation available at a service counter.

Who is the service for?

For you, if:

  • you don't have access to the Web;
  • you don't have a ClicSÉQUR identifier or cannot obtain one;
  • you'd like help filling out your application.


DEClic! Comptoir allows you to:

  • pay less for your documents, i.e. the same fee as for an application submitted over the Web;
  • be assisted by an employee, if required;
  • eliminate postal delivery times.

Methods of payment accepted

Cash, debit card (Interac), Visa or MasterCard credit cards, cheque, postal money order or bank money order.

Terms of use

You must:

  • be mentioned in the act that pertains to the document requested, or provide a document justifying the grounds for your application;
  • provide valid photo ID and a valid proof of residence. It is preferable to present your original documents, not photocopies.

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Reviewed: 2015-03-27

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