Directeur de l'état civil

The Directeur de l’état civil is the body from which Québec citizens can obtain official documents related to civil status events—certificates, copies of acts and attestations of birth, marriage, civil union and death. It is under the purview of Ministère du Travail, de l'Emploi et de la Solidarité sociale, and is headed by the registrar of civil status, the sole public officer of civil status in Québec, whose mandate is provided for in the Civil Code of Québec.

The responsibilities of the directeur de l’état civil are to:

  • draw up acts related to births, marriages, civil unions or deaths that have occurred in Québec;
  • keep the Québec register of civil status and make the necessary alterations;
  • have custody of the Québec register of civil status and provide access to it by issuing certificates, copies of acts and attestations relating to civil status events;
  • insert in the Québec register of civil status acts of civil status made outside Québec concerning persons domiciled in Québec, and juridical acts altering or replacing acts already in the register;
  • authorize consultation of the Québec register of civil status;
  • keep a register of persons authorized to solemnize marriages and civil unions;
  • analyze applications for a change of name or a change of designation of sex and approve or refuse such changes.

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